KART (KDOT Authentication and Resource Tracking)

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General KART Resource Downloads

CategoryTitleVersionFile SizeLast Modified
PublicationAASHTOWare Prestressed Properties Guidelines US2018.5.841 KB5/8/2018
PublicationBridge Design Manual December 202112.8 MB11/4/2021
PublicationBridge Restriction Map2023.09.061.81 MB9/6/2023
PublicationCurrent Graphic Standards ManualMay 20113.55 MB4/1/2022
PublicationDrainage Design ManualLive Edition0 KB1/3/2023
PublicationExamples for Rd. Memo, KDOT Policy on Pipe UseJuly 11, 20083.59 MB6/11/2008
PublicationGeotechnical Manual2007114.14 MB1/1/2007
PublicationHydraulic Assessment Checklist2023.05.091 KB5/9/2023
PublicationHydraulic Assessment Checklist for 10' to 20' RCBs2016.08509 KB8/1/2016
PublicationInstructions for Electronic Files for Letting 7.20172.21 MB7/1/2017
PublicationKDOT 3R Policy10.20181.86 MB9/27/2018
PublicationLandscape Info FormDec 18 202073 KB12/18/2020
PublicationLocal Projects Bridge Inspection Docs and FormsOct 20234.27 MB10/9/2023
PublicationLocal Projects Bridge Inspection ManualFeb 202016.47 MB2/6/2020
PublicationLocal Projects Bridge Inspection Scope of ServicesFeb 2020356 KB2/6/2020
PublicationLocal Projects Low Cost Bridge StandardsMay 201726.08 MB5/11/2017
PublicationLocal Projects LPA Project Development Manual202017.36 MB1/21/2021
PublicationPavement Design ManualJuly 20221.69 MB7/29/2022
PublicationPractical Improvements GuideAugust 20091.38 MB8/4/2009
PublicationRainfall Intensity Tables20142.28 MB9/2/2016
PublicationRoad Design Manual May 2014 Edition33.25 MB6/3/2013
PublicationSeed/Native Wildflower MixesOctober 2019 - All Mixes53 KB10/17/2019
PublicationSurvey Manual - Design20204.37 MB10/29/2020
Software ApplicationseBar (English Rebar) Software0.1.834.81 MB6/15/2015
Software ApplicationsEvapoRATE Software1.0.215.57 MB6/1/2009
Software ApplicationsKDOT Column Expert61.13 MB7/9/2015
Software ApplicationsKDOT Structure LogOctober 20235.92 MB10/12/2023
Software ApplicationsQPlot - Software2.08.56 MB4/1/2016
Software ApplicationsScreed Error Software1.2.182.66 MB5/25/2007
Software ApplicationsTAEG MB5/16/2005
Software SupportAASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating Agency Library7.2196 KB7/14/2022
Software SupportAASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating System Import7.2 Updated48 KB8/19/2022
Software SupportBRASS Girder LFD Library FileThrough 5.9.451 KB4/10/2007
Software SupportFAST Act Guardrail Training Materials2017.02989.73 MB11/16/2017
Software SupportKansas Regional Coordinate System Files10.201794.58 MB10/29/2017
Software SupportKDOT CONNECT 10.08 Workspace10.08.03120.12 MB7/22/2022
Software SupportKDOT CONNECT 10.10 Workspace10.10.02106.83 MB10/31/2023
Software SupportKDOT Professional Stamp Resources1.001.1 MB10/10/2018
Software SupportMicroStation NS Workspace04.08.1019146.18 MB3/29/2019